We are better than this!

We are better than this! No city is spared from these sights. It is a sad view, because even though we have achieved so much as human beings, we still fail to help those who are unfortunate because of life happens. I see many posts on Instagram that mentions the word “goals” but that is always in connection with training results or fashion statements, but I fail to see “goals” mentioned by helping others, by doing an unselfish act. I remember seeing an interview with Ayrton Senna when he was young and still in go cart (I think). He had gone back to Brazil and a reporter followed him asking question about life in Brazil etc. When seeing homeless children, the reporter asked Senna what he thought about that and Senna replied something like: “Im not yet powerful enough to be able to help them”. This is what I hope I can achieve with photography, to be “successful enough” to make a difference. That is what “goals” should be about, helping others less fortunate. At least I think so.”

(The Photographer, Maximilian Estrada, May 2018)

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